Frequently Asked Questions About Assessments

  • Do I have to pay for each assessment?
    No. AFRC Recruiting has an annual license agreement with The Brooks Group, so the assessments are already paid for.
  • Who is eligible to take the assessments?
    Anyone assigned to AFRC Recruiting and candidates for positions within AFRC Recruiting. AFRC Recruiting supervisors are also authorized to offer the Brooks Talent Index to AFRC personnel in their assigned organizations who interact with Recruiting personnel on a regular basis.
  • How do I get the results and how long does it take?
    Copies of all assessment results are sent to AFRC/RS and The Brooks Group. Email the names of the people you assess to the AFRC and The Brooks Group ahead of time so they will know where to send the results. Within minutes of completing an assessment, the results are finalized and forwarded electronically first to The Brooks Group and then to AFRC.
  • If the person assessing is either in a management position or applying for a management position, does he/she take a different assessment?
    Regardless of the position applied for, everyone takes the same Brooks Talent Index Assessment. The results provided will either be a Sales or Non-Sales version depending on if the individual will be managing recruiters. The two reports are very similar, except the Sales version focuses on the person’s selling style and the Non-Sales version provides a non-specific role language.
  • Can I get help interpreting the results?
    Yes. If you need help interpreting the results, please make an appointment with a Brooks Group facilitator who can help you. Schedule an appointment here.
  • How do I get copies of the individual position benchmarks?
    Electronic copies of the existing benchmarks identified below are available as downloadable PDFs from this Website. Click on the appropriate link on the Brooks Talent Index: Administration and Tools page. You may also request electronic copies of the benchmarks through the AFRC/RS or The Brooks Group. Be sure to specify which position benchmark you need.


    • Recruiter
    • Flight Chief
  • Do the position benchmarks contain sample interview questions?
    Yes. There are dozens of sample interview questions to choose from. You do not have to use all of them. Just be sure that if you interview multiple candidates, you ask each person the same questions.
  • Is there a report that compares people against the position benchmark?
    Yes. You have the capability to create a Comparison Analysis Report. It’s a color-coded, single sheet that identifies the ideal Personal Skills, Values and Behaviors associated with a job. Each individual’s assessment results can be fed into the computer program to produce the Comparison Analysis Report. Instructions for creating your own Comparison Reports can be found as a downloadable PDF on this Webpage.
  • How much weight should be given to an assessment as part of the hiring process?
    The Brooks Group recommends no more than a 1/3rd factor. You should also be considering past employment history – military and civilian, references, prior education and training, and face-to-face interview results.
  • How often should a person assess?
    Once per year is recommended, but every two years is fine if the person remains in the same job. Additionally, if a person is applying for a new position, we recommend the hiring authority request an updated assessment. If a person changes jobs and/or moves to another job location within Recruiting, we recommend working in the job about six months before retaking an assessment. The six months will allow the person to get accustomed to the job.
  • Do the Assessments meet all EEO requirements?
    Yes. If your hiring authorities have concerns about the assessments, you may give them a copy of the Brooks Talent Index Validation Studies that are attached to this Website.
  • What if the person’s results are very poor because they said they didn’t take the assessment seriously?
    We say that taking the assessment is part of the person’s job, so the question becomes if they didn’t take this part of their job seriously, what else don’t they take seriously on the job? One of the Air Force Core Values is “Excellence in all we do.” It’s not excellence in what a person feels like doing.
  • What if the person taking the assessment says he/she had computer problems or was interrupted so many times they think the results may not be accurate?
    If you believe the person was giving their best effort, but the problems were beyond their immediate control, give them the benefit of the doubt and offer them one chance to re-assess. The Brooks Talent Index has a “tilt” mechanism that warns the respondent if their answers are way off the mark. The person is then given one chance to change their answers. Notify AFRC/RS and The Brooks Group with the name of the person re-assessing and why so they can be on the lookout for the new results.
  • What is the Military Recruiting Skills Index (MRSI)?
    The MRSI is a 54-question test that measures a person’s knowledge of selling in a military recruiting environment. It’s an excellent tool for measuring a candidate’s baseline knowledge, and it can be used with an experienced recruiter to help pinpoint which step(s) of the IMPACT sales model they haven’t fully mastered. It can be administered at the same time a person takes the Brooks Talent Index, or it can be administered separately. To take only the MRSI assessment, go to and enter the response link: 196753NNG
  • Who at The Brooks Group can help me get copies of assessments?
    Glen Barnes
    Phone: 336-615-8847