Instructions for Administering Assessments

Instructions for Administering Assessments: We recommend printing these instructions for future reference. You can also cut and paste sub-paragraphs 1a to 1h into an email and send the instructions to people you are directing to complete the assessments.

  1. Provide people being asked to take the assessment with the following instructions:
    1. Open Web browser to:
    2. Enter the response link: 156557GCN (This response link will provide access to both the Brooks Talent Index assessment and the Military Recruiting Skills Index. If directed to complete both instruments, try to complete both in one sitting.)
    3. Enter all identification information to allow the results to be sent to the correct location. This includes your name, rank, flight/branch and squadron/division.
    4. Before starting any sections of the assessment, read the directions carefully, and do your best to complete the assessments with no or minimal interruptions. The Brooks Talent Index assessment, in particular, is very “sensitive” and a lack of concentration will skew the results. Before moving forward to another section of the assessment, check your answers. Also, do not try to “outguess” the questions. Answer honestly so that it reflects how you truly feel.
    5. Before closing the Brooks Talent Index assessment and submitting the results, some respondents will see a screen that indicates there were some inconsistencies in their answers. This screen is the “Tilt Mechanism.” This warning provides an opportunity to review the answers and make changes. Note: This warning appears only once. If few or no changes are made, the results will likely indicate “low reliability” and may not be very favorable or accurate.
    6. If there are computer problems, or you are booted out for unknown reasons before the assessments are completed, email [email protected] with the details. A new response link will be provided.
    7. If both assessments are not completed in one sitting, and the system is exited after completing only the TriMetrix Assessment, do not log back into and use the 156557GCN response link. If you do, you will be prompted to complete the TriMetrix Assessment over again before getting access to the Military Recruiting Skills Index. Instead, if you only goal is to complete the Military Recruiting Skills Index, enter the response link 196753NNG the next time you open the Web browser to
    8. Results are tabulated immediately and the reports are sent to the AFRC/RS and The Brooks Group. In turn, the reports will be sent to the supervisor who requested the assessments be administered.
  2. Contact AFRC Training ([email protected]) via email with names of the people you have asked to assess so he knows where to send the results.
  3. If you wish to receive assistance interpreting the results or creating Comparison Analysis Reports, you may also wish to notify The Brooks Group and provide the names of the people assessing to [email protected].
  4. If you are assessing someone outside of Recruiting (e.g., commander, FSS superintendent, etc.), the person probably does not need to complete the Military Recruiting Skills Index. Simply instruct the person to log off the Website after completing the Brooks Talent Index assessment and submitting their results.