How to Create Comparison Analysis Reports

  • Select the position to which you would like to compare your respondents
Then click the button at the bottom of the window – Click Here for Comparison Analysis

  • Open the .pdf containing the respondent’s TriMetrix Talent Report
  • Select all of the contents of the file (Ctrl + A), Copy All (Ctrl + C)
  • Go back to the Internet Browser and paste (Ctrl + V) the data in the dialog box
Then click the button just below the input box – Create Comparison Report (7.0)

  • The final report will look something like this:
  • Print and/or save the document. It is already in the .pdf format.

Position Benchmarks: The benchmarks (sometimes called Multiple Respondent Job Reports) identify the most important behaviors, values and personal skills inherent to doing the job well and being happy in the position. The benchmarks also include sample interview questions that can be employed during the candidate screening process.