Rx CDs Online Program


The Rx CDs Online program is a personal improvement tool designed to be used in conjunction with the results of both the Brooks Talent Index Assessment and the Military Recruiting Skills Index (MRSI). After a member of the AFRC Recruiting community completes an assessment the supervisor can review the results in the Coaching Report and/or MRSI and recommend self-study lessons in areas indicating lower scores within either instrument. For example, if there was a low score (below the national mean) in Personal Accountability, the supervisor can assign the employee to complete the lesson that covers that same subject. The lessons are hosted online at a customized Website and each one features a short audio recording, student workbook and a ten question, multiple-choice quiz based on the audio recording. Supervisors can view the results and track participation of the people assigned to their respective teams. The program also offers supervisors an accountability tool by tracking the times and dates of all user logins. Instructions for administering the program are contained in the AFRC Rx CD Coaching Manual that can be downloaded and printed from one of the links below. In addition to printing and maintaining their own copy of the Coaching Manual, supervisors should have their team members download and maintain their own copies of the Coaching Manual too. The manual provides instructions in the following areas:
  • How to register as a participant (using the participant’s code)
  • How to register as a coach (using the coach’s code)
  • How to access the audios, workbook and quizzes associated with specific lesson assignments if you are a participant
  • How to assign participants to an individual manager, direct study assignments, analyze results, create progress reports for accountability and maximize all the tools available in the program, if you are a supervisor
The AFRC has a lifetime license for this online training resource. For more information about the program and how to maximize its effectiveness, contact Glen Barnes at The Brooks Group. His phone number is 336-282-6303, Extension 154.