IMPACT Sales Training Library

The IMPACT Sales Training Library product is an easy to use, self-contained, customized sales training program that provides 52 pre-planned lessons, covering 13 separate sales topics. The IMPACT Sales Training Library starts with an instructional audio (or transcript) which explains how to use the product. Also contained in the IMPACT Sales Training Library are audios and transcripts of every lesson, a Manager’s Guide, a Recruiter’s Workbook and pre-prepared AF Forms 623a for each lesson.
Each lesson begins with the manager assigning a lesson to the team or an individual. In turn, team members listen to a short audio (or read a transcript) and then go to their Recruiter Workbook to complete a one-page worksheet containing some questions relating to the audio lesson and real-world recruiting scenarios. Meanwhile, the lesson leader uses the Manager’s Guide which contains a checklist for planning and conducting each lesson. The Guide also includes some discussion questions to get the lesson moving and keep it on track.

When the lesson is finished, the IMPACT Sales Training Library also includes pre-prepared AF Forms 623a in both PDF and electronic form. (If the supervisor wishes to save space in the training records, he/she can simply download the master AF Form 623a which contains the titles of all the lessons.) Air Force Reserve Command Recruiting Service has a lifetime license for this product; therefore, the CDs, Workbook, Manager’s Guide and AF Forms 623a may be downloaded, reproduced and distributed at your convenience for use within AFRC Recruiting.