Brooks Talent Index Assessments: Administration & Tools

Brooks Talent Index Assessments are a valuable tool you can use for screening, selecting and coaching recruiting and retention personnel. Unlike many assessments that measure only behavior, Brooks Talent Index measures three dimensions.


What motivates different people? To be successful and energized on the job, it’s important for employees to have their underlying values satisfied through the nature of their work. When they are, people are personally rewarded by their actions.


The assessment measures key personal skills and ranks them from top to bottom defining each person’s major strengths. The skills at the top highlight well-developed capabilities and reveal where they are naturally most effective in focusing their time.


This section measures natural behavior traits. When the job requires the use of an employee’s top behavioral traits the potential for success, along with personal and professional satisfaction, increase.

After a Brooks Talent Index Assessment is completed, two reports are immediately generated and copies of each are electronically sent to the Air Force Reserve Command.

  • Talent Report: Contains numerical measurements of a person’s Values, Attitudes and Behaviors
  • Coaching Report – Sales Version: Contains numerical measurements and verbal descriptions of the assessment results
If the person taking the assessment is also in a management/supervisory position, you may request a Coaching Report – Executive Version. The primary difference between the Sales and Executive Versions is the Sales Version describes how a person sells, while the Executive Version focuses on how a person manages other people.

Military Recruiting Skills Index (MRSI)

AFR Recruiting personnel also have access to this 54-question instrument that measures a person’s knowledge of selling in a military recruiting environment. It’s an excellent tool for measuring a candidate’s baseline knowledge, or it can also be used with an experienced team member to help pinpoint which step(s) of the IMPACT sales model where they have their greatest knowledge strengths and challenges. The MRSI can be completed at the same time a person takes the Brooks Talent Index Assessment or it can be completed separately.

Helpful Information

The four links below will provide you with all the information you need to begin using Brooks Talent Index Assessments. Here you will find the instructions for using the assessments, frequently asked questions about the assessments, instruction on how to create Comparison Analysis Reports to compare a person’s assessments results against a position benchmark, and the Validation Study which offers documented evidence that the Brooks Talent Index Assessments are safe to use in the hiring process since they meet all Equal Opportunity Employment requirements.

Position Benchmarks:The benchmarks (sometimes called Multiple Respondent Job Reports) identify the most important behaviors, values and personal skills inherent to doing the job well and being happy in the position. The benchmarks also include sample interview questions that can be employed during the candidate screening process.

Coaching Tips Form
This form can be used for taking notes while reviewing a Brooks Talent Index report.

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